(TB) Tall Bearded Iris

'Gypsy Lord'

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AIS Data

(TB) 'Gypsy Lord' 2006, Keppel'Gypsy Lord' (Keith Keppel, R. 2005). Seedling# 99-43T. TB, height 40" (102 cm), Midseason to late bloom. Standards blue white (M&P 41-A-3); style arms blue white (41-A-4), lavender tip; falls blue violet (41-IJ-12) marbled wash and wire rim on paler (41-AB-7) blue, white center and hafts veined violet; beards paprika (2-J-12). 'Last Laugh' X seedling# 95-52C: ('Braggadocio' x 'Romantic Evening'). Keppel 2006. Honorable Mention 2008; Franklin Cook Cup 2008; Award of Merit 2010; Wister Medal 2012, American Dykes Medal 2015.



Gypsy Band, Neukrotimaya Anzhelika, Madam Bonzhur, Favorit, Galway Piper, Kapitan Nemo, Pamiat Serdtsa, Kocheynik, Epic Romance, Shastina, Cielo A Meta, Casual Design, Davy Smiles, Floriane D., Irresistible Charm, Advance To Go, Limerence, Get My Number, Kniazhyi Grad, Guardians Fire, Going Big Time, Star Spangled Banner, VozdushnyPotseluy, Pozdniaya Vesna, Zemlianin, Predchuvstvie Rassveta, Star Reach, Chaos Theory, Snapparazi, Big Spender, Molodoy Yunets, Nit Ariadny, Summer Shadow, Porkhayushchiy Motyliok, Mindful, Flonflons, Colour Bazaar, Maximus, Brilliant Idea, Rozovy Fontan, Rozovy Fontan, Giorgio, Love To Party, Alionushka, True Patriot, Shampanskoe, Curb Appeal, Future Bride, Korol Lir, Korol Lir, Balny Tanets, Virgule, Truly Kissed, Truly Kissed, Wirtuoz, Serving Wench, Kozyrny Tuz, Late Pickings, Tango Express, Style Traveller, Bigger Is Better, Morskoy Kot, Paris Memory, Honourable Lord, Shouting Match, Head Over Heels, Kosmicheskiy Prishelets, Kosmicheskiy Prishelets, Dachny Domik, Hidden Kisses, Nenastnaya Pogoda, Free To Dream, Spivochyi Fontan, Dikiy Selezen, Wait For My Heart, Gypsy of the Night, Ocharovannaya Dal, Sunset Boulevard, Della Jean, Cafe Viva, Why Be Normal, Americas Most Wanted, Belasé Pleso, Morepork Mayhem, Tornado Twist, Girls Got Rhythm, Youre Gorgeous, Kazimierz, Blue Lasso, Romantyczna Ballad, Royal Orders, Gordy Vzgliad, Kapitanskaya Dochka, Dolina Solntsa, Street Sensation, Alpine Butterfly, Divide And Rule, Tatyanka, Favorite Beau, Tikhiy Omut, Big Picture, Silky Moment, Dancing Delight, Zhenskoe Iskushenie, Watercolor Print, Tropical Mood, Bazilio, Zvezdochiot, Vulkanflamme, Vlny Jadranu, Beautiful Nitra, More Chudych, Jubilant Song, Sky Ruler, Kings Reign,


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