Tall Bearded Iris Listed. Last Update: 24/5/2018

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TBFINDER helps you find your TB varieties faster

Tbfinder.com lists several thousand TB iris varieties from various traders in the USA currently for sale.

The search for your iris is facilitated by a simple A-Z navigation and a full list with all TB names which will help you find a vendor faster and spend more time in your garden than in front of your computer when it comes to giving up the annual TB order.

Currently, 20 iris farms are listed on tbfinder.com. Besides the price there are also some pictures to watch out for and finally you will find a link to the corresponding onlineshop where the TB Iris is in stock. Depending on the farm's website, however, some information may not always be 100% acurate.

tbfinder.com was launched on 15 April 2017. Today - end of July and 3.5 month onward, around 2000 iris friends have visited the website, of which nearly half of clicked through the vendors website and found a suitable offer.

Right now there are over 7000 TB Iris offers online, so the chance that you find the variety you are looking for is big.

The story behind the TBFINDER project

TBFINDER was built by a nature and plant-loving programmer.

I am Michael. Nice to meet you.

A few years ago I met Jennifer and Markus, who are friends of my brother. Jennifer is the daughter of the well-known iris hybridizer Robert Van Liere (iris4u.com). Jennifer told me that her Dad is in need of a new website. We rebuilt the website and created of full featured onlineshop. That was like 5 years ago.

This was the time when I first came into contact with TB Iris and i have been fascinated ever since. Me as a programmer with a certain love for large amounts of data it was then close to create a resource that helps me and others to find a seller faster.

Jennifer inspired me. Jennifer was supposed to bring some very specific iris from america for a friend. So the idea was born to simply turn the search process around.

Some weeks later the prototype of TBFINDER was finished.

How does TBFINDER keep track of all the changes?

For every single farm there is a custom computer program. This computer program visits the farm website and looks at each page a little more closely. If it finds a TB Iris, it next checks for the possibility to buy the TB Iris and checks for any "out of stock" notices.

This read-out data is then processed and sorted and subjected to a basic spelling check for the name.

In case of major changes to the farm's website, the computer program will not function properly any more and must be adjusted. However, the structure of the websites do not change so frequently. Well luck.

Depending on the quality of the vendors website, more or less data can be collected and processed.

Right now TBFINDER is updated monthly. Now that the season is over, i will slow down the process a little. Weekly or daily updates of all farms are planned for the next season. Lets see what the future brings.

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I would be glad if you would like or share the TBFINDER FB PAGE. All news regarding new farms, special offers and new functionality on tbfinder will be communicated over there.

There are less than 100 Likes so far - so it would be great if you can help spread the info.

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For all Iris Lovers across the USA who haven't yet found the tbfinder.com Website: TBFINDER lists more than 7000 iris offers from 19 vendors alphabetically sorted by A-Z.

I wrote down some infos about the project here on the "About" Site. http://www.tbfinder.com/about

If you have great ideas, please post your future feature requests in the comments and i will see what i can do.